"It's Nothing Personal" (words and music by Sharman Duran)


"...Dots on a screen 6.000 miles away; a mouse is clicked: a drone ruins your day.  It meant to score on Al Qaeda next door--but it's nothing personal"...

"Gentle Soul" (words/music by Sharman Duran)


"Gentle Soul, a quiet well of peace amidst the madness, a place of healing midst the madness.  In a world that's false you're something real.  Where cynics reign you're not afraid to feel..."

"Ode To A Phone" (words/music by Sharman Duran)


"A gleam, a glow, you glimmer in the gloom--You're lighting up the rooms of my mind, when I thought I'd been left behind, abandoned and unknown in a desert of unconnected space..."

"PostApocalyptic Subterranean Paradise" (A. Germain/S. Duran)


"...We've heard how our ancestors' series of blunders left Earth's surface less pleasant than under, and led us to relocate below.  And now it's the weather and the air and the water together, and the need for protective attire, and the hassle of famine and fire, that have made it a great place to visit but not to live..."

"Who Put Them In Charge?" (Sharman Duran)


"Into this world a little girl is born and right away in girlie pink adorned.  A little princess she is groomed to be, while frilly shackles bind her secretly..."

"Lupe's Ride" (Sharman Duran)


"...Her progress was stalled behind minds that were small, but her detours are all in the past.  Now she's free to be just who she's meant to be, and she's driving on to a brighter day, 'cause now she's gonna do things her way..."