The SHARMAN DURAN Quartet presents music from the new CD


Sun. June 30, 4:30-6:30pm

Bird & Beckett Books & Records

653 Chenery St. in San Francisco's Glen Park

$10-$20 Donation

Questioning Reality: " a later day Blossom Dearie, equally looking at things from a left of center perspective and not sweeping things under the rug. A jazzy spirited vocalist that writes them as well as sings them..." CHRIS SPECTOR, MIDWEST RECORD

"PostApocalyptic Subterranean Paradise"

(Life in a world after global warming doesn't have to be a complete bummer...)

Music: Aaron Germain/ Lyrics: Sharman Duran


Questioning Reality

 Original songs that address the adventure and angst of living in the 21st Century.    

(All music written by Sharman Duran except where noted) 

  1. It’s Nothing Personal  2. Brothers 3. Lupe’s Ride  4. Ode To A Phone
    5. PostApoclayptic Subterranean Paradise (A. Germain/ S. Duran)
    6. Hues Of Perfection  7. After The Dream  8. Four Exercises In Synergy
    9. Who Put Them In Charge?  10. Now I Can Afford The Whole Chicken
    11. After The Dream (reprise)
    Sharman Duran, voc/kybds; Melecio Magdaluyo, reeds; Alex Baum and Aaron Germain, bass; Bob Blankenship and Alan Hall, drums.  Cover art: Salvador Aguilera